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Dear N-AERUS members,

We received this letter from the organizers of last year conference in Madrid. Remember that you can follow up more discussions in our LinkedIn Group.!

Best regards,

N-AERUS Co-ordination: Eva Álvarez de Andrés / Viviana dAuria / Javier

Martínez / Luisa Moretto



Network-Association of European Researchers on Urbanization in the South


Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Dear Participants,

Receive a warm welcome on our behalf; some moths have pass since our encounter in Madrid. We would like to inform you that the ISBN corresponding to the proceedings of the congress has been assigned: 978-84-92641-08-6

Also, we would like to let you know that the papers have been posted on the web N-AERUS:

Finally, do not miss the chance to see the pictures concerning the ¨Walking Tour¨ that we did the last day of the congress, you can find them on the NE.RE.AS associations´ home page, address enclosed:

We hope to see you again on the next N-AERUS Conference.


Helga von Breymann,

Secretaria Técnica XII Encuentro N-Aerus

Grupo de Investigación GIAU+S

Escuela Técnica Superior De Arquitectura

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Avenida Juan de Herrera, 4 – 28040 Madrid